Thursday, January 20, 2005

Written on my heart

I know there are some people among my readers who are not having the greatest of times in the romance department at the moment and when I saw this blog entry I thought it might well speak to a few of you. It's addressed to a woman but guys I hope you can see that it is equally applicable to you all.

"We will always have those moments in our life when we have that feeling that we cannot go on without a certain person. But then we lose that person and whatever we try to do cannot bring the person back. So we sit back and just wait to see if the person will return. As we wait, we find that there can be life without that person, after all. And before we know it, we find ourself going on with our life. Then one day we suddenly realize that the person we lost has not really gone, but has become one of the chapters in our personal Book of Life. We realize that our book has to be made up of several chapters, each one leading us to the next. A book with only one chapter will be quite boring. As in any book, each chapter plays a role in leading us up to the next, so that by the time we get to the final chapter we have been, and are, thoroughly prepared for the ending...will it be a happy one? It depends, I guess, on who it is who will make up the final chapter in your book. My own guess have not met him yet. When you will know that it is HIM. How? I don't know...all I know is that it will just feel right. If you don't know how that feels, it's because HE hasn't walked into your life yet. Just wait...and have a will know HIM when you finally meet HIM. HE will not sweep you off your feet...HE will just quietly become a part of you."


Barrie said...

Must be something in the water or time of year, coz I've just posted about Love, too. Spooky!

Anonymous said...

I hope you like this.


Cecilia said...

Yes, I am so lucky to have a Dad who speaks so wisely from his heart. His words encouraged me and made me believe that such a "crisis" should not be considered a crisis, but as a milestone to define a major turning point in my life.

It really is all up to us as to how we can redirect our lives and move on whilst tackling our daily routine tasks.

Madley said...

Isn't Cecilia (and her dad) great? How lovely of you to put this on her site!