Monday, January 03, 2005

Reduces the signs of aging

The signs of aging currently being experienced...

Aching limbs after rigorous barn dancing last night (do I actually HAVE muscles there?)

Realising I've been listening to Classical music and no other kind for several days.

Remembering too many sketches repeated in a documentary about Eric Morecambe.

The thought that I would have to EXPLAIN who Eric Morecambe is to my young people.

Being called "mum" by one of my young people!

So other than purchasing small pots of over-priced skin cream (I used to be an Avon lady. Trust me there's little difference between the expensive and the cheap creams!) how do I reduce these signs of aging?

Well my current strategy involves a hot bath with rejuvenating blend from Culpepper's, a chilled glass of wine and some music (drat it's currently Vivaldi - is that me STILL being old?)

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Many wishes for a blessed, healthy, and successful 2005!