Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More rock-pooling

Ok so as someone who didn't grow up by the sea, I've always had this real childish excitement about the sea so when we had supper at Whitley Bay, I left Michael securely settled with pint, pipe and book and went to put my toes in the sea, hunt for a stone with a hole in (family tradition - no luck this time) and other interesting rocks and shells. This time I found something which really stunned me. I promise you that this was THERE. I found it like it.

In case you can't see it clearly - here it is moved just slightly and that is how I left it. Wow or what?!

If you're ever in Alnwick...

You absolutely have to go to Barter Books. It is the most fantastic second hand bookshop in THE WORLD. The books are laid out in a way that makes you want to look at them in the beautifully restored station house. It was simply heaven and I was very restrained and only bought two books. The building also features a list of all the people who worked there over the years including my new uncle David Appleby :0)

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A few pics at flickr if you want to see more.


Michael took me to Holy Island while we were up visiting his mother. It is a wonderful place (ok rather full of tourists but still pretty cool). We popped in to see Andy, Anna and their children which was good fun, especially the children who entertained us a lot with stories and demonstrations of cartwheels and the like. I took some photos and also a little video of such a cute little crab (Michael was somewhat less impressed than me but then I was VERY excited, as ever, to be looking in rock pools :oD )

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Enviromentally Friend

Sorry for the long blog silence but there's been a youth holiday and a trip to Holy island (and Michael's mother and friends) and then back to work with a massive thwunk!

However in my absence a family friend has got herself in the headlines just for going to a wedding. Ok well it's not JUST going to a wedding. It is a wedding in Brisbane. Ok it's not just a wedding in Brisbane, she is getting there by going over land!

Barbara is doing all this because she wants to limit the effect of her trip on the environment in the form of carbon emissions. Go and have a look at all she has to say now (and during her trip).

Here's the breakdown of the CO2 emissions of her trip and the standard trip:

Machynlleth - London:
230 miles, by coach = 20,700 grams CO2

London - Moscow:
1924 miles, by coach = 173,160 grams CO2

Moscow - Beijing:
5772.8 kilometers, by train = 418,528 grams CO2

Beijing - Hanoi:
1710 miles, by train = 198,360 frams CO2

Hanoi - Nougkhai:
400 miles, by bus = 36,000 grams CO2

Nougkhai - Singapore:
1639 miles, by train = 190,124 grams CO2

Singapore - Darwin:
2350 miles, by ship: 285,760 grams CO2

Darwin - Brisbane:
2143 miles, by coach: 192,870 grams CO2

Total: 1,646,232g CO2 = 1.65 tonnes of CO2

This is based on average carbon dioxide emissions for various types of transport:
Grams of carbon dioxide per passenger kilometre:

Rail = 72.5g
Bus/coach = 56.25g
Ferry = 76g

The emissions from a flight would be 3.7 tonnes of CO2 (see

If her commitment to be "green" has inspired you, why not explore your own carbon footprint work out what impact your travel is having on the environment and all that jazz.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Death penalty for pick pocket who's just a "nipper"

Life is still rpetty hectic but God just keeps sending little rays of sunshine through the whirlwind. We got an unexpected discount onthe minibus. We finally sort one of the activities as the place got back to me AT LAST and then there are little news stories like this one:

A man lost his wallet while was swimming in plymouth sound but recovered it because....

... a lobster caught it (or should I say pinched it??) and some diver picked up the lobster later that day!

All very amusing until the closing lines of the news item.
The man retrieved his wallet.

The lobster was eaten.

Kinda sad really.

Lament for the brave helpful lobster. :o(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Still in the midst of preparations for our youth holiday. Just about to tackle the BOX ALLOCATION (what goes where and who brings it when) but first I thought I'd better pop oline and found a site linking women bloggers together. Thanks to Maggi Dawn for giving the heads up.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Out of place

I've been feeling all week that I'm not quite in the right place. Not a personal thing (not a marriage thing either still annoyingly happy- panic not people!) but more a spiritual one.

Mel and I discussed it this morning. We both felt the same

We should be in Taize right now.

Taize 05 011
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Instead we were both in All Saints this Sunday for our regular service - in its faintly strange summer mode without some regular faces, with new visitors and without choir! I realised I'd not been at All Saints on this particular Sunday for THREE YEARS now. It wasn't dreadful. It was just strange.

Nic is in Taize(coming home tomorrow) and we would have been but for various reasons we didn't go this year. I was ok with it but in fact it has felt very strange not to be there. I've had oodles more time to sort out our parish youth holiday which is pretty much all there now (whereas if I'd been in Taize I'd be facing much of it on Tuesday with four days to go). Also I've had a week with my darling hubby who I would have missed dreadfully - and who I will miss on a week away with our parish group :o(

Yet in spite of all that I really missed Taize. It has such a feeling of HOME that it is a weird kind of homesickness. I imagine when Nic returns on Monday it won't feel so bad - though I know several people who'll be going over the next few weeks and some will even be there for the anniversary of Br Roger's death on the 16th.

I suppose, on the good side, this means I'll be all the more eager to go NEXT SUMMER and it will be VERY EXCITING because I know some of the All Saints yougn people will come with us for the first time.

Until then though it's nostalgia time with some pics!

Taize 7
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Taize 05 064
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More on my Flickr pages if you're interested.

Taize 05 005
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Taize 05 032
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Friday, August 04, 2006

my space

Ok so I've finally got round to doing something vaguely like customising myspace. I still prefer using the blog because I am not so hot on html but I have managed to put one of my own pictures up on the background - the gorgeous sky over the communion service for 8,000 at Greenbelt last year.

I've also been working on slides for the lyrics for worship for our youth holiday (thanks to the fabulous projector we were given this year) so I am FINALLY able to use all those picturesque shots that I've been snapping for said purpose for the last few years!!

Greenbelt05 031
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Dr 8 Ball

Belatedly a link to the fabulous band Dr 8 Ball that played at Fresh Cafe a couple of weeks ago. these guys were shockingly awesome!

The band had real energy which was pretty infectious.

Check them out.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Get ahead with the Christmas shopping!

Dave Walker's much anticipated new book is coming out later this month. To get your copies and avoid disappointment in the Potteresque midnight queues click on SPCK Online , SCM Canterbury Press or News From Nowhere. Of course if you're going to Greenbelt you could queue up to get it signed (this would also save Dave money in hiring people to PRETEND they're queueing!)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Blink ... or you'll miss it

Andrew my youth leader par excellence is doing a show on Blink FM TODAY and thursday and friday. Local people TUNE IN ON

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5pm - 7pm on 87.9 Blink FM