Monday, January 17, 2005

Milking it

Ok after some rather serious blog entries over the last couple of days, here's something a little lighter.

I just saw yet ANOTHER advert (for anchor butter this time) which featured cows with male voices. What is it with people in advertising? Do they not understand that the fundamentally important fact about the animals that produce milk is that they are FEMALE. Bulls do NOT produce milk. I mean, the people who produce butter MUST know, surely? Do they think that WE don't know? They can't assume that their customers are so ignorant. So why are Stephen Fry and Tony Robinson now joining the ranks of the Arnie-impersonating-"Milk it"-cow from Dairylea?

Ok. Rant over!


Anonymous said...

The only cow commercials I have seen were for california cheese (I think) and they have cows and bulls with the appropriate sexed voices.


Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

It must be a solely British error then. Shocking!

Kristofer said...

Hi, that's actually a really funny mistake. I'll keep that in mind when I hear a talking cow next time.

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