Saturday, January 01, 2005


Had a fascinating discussion this evening with two friends about all kinds of things but one of the big issues we discussed was PRAYER. Does it work? What are we doing when we pray for people? Does it have a greater impact on God, on the person we prayer for, or on ourselves? Are we aligning ourselves with God? (with God's plan or God's thought or God's love for us) or are we really asking for things and expecting them to happen?

In my prayer life I consider myself to be building a relationship. The more time I spend with God the better I understand God (yet and also the more I realise how much I can't encompass God!) just as in any other relationship. I believe that God calls us to live our lives in a particular way and often to do particular things but I don't believe this is predestination. I have a firm belief in God's desire for us to make a choice to follow what God wills for us. I'm also aware that I for one don't always do exactly what God would will me to do but that doesn't mean that my life is going WRONG according to some pre-ordained plan.

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