Saturday, January 29, 2005

Thai delight

Ok I am absolutely stuffed of delectible Thai food made for us by the mum of one of the young people. Heaven!

The young people came up with the idea of a CULTURAL EXPLORIENCE (great name in my opinion - though of course that's not what's important, is it Ian?) when we explore the culture of a particular country. After the events in south east asia we felt it was important that we understand a bit about one of the countries affected. So we chose to focus on Thailand and give our profits to the DEC fund. We've all seen so many photographs of disaster struck areas that we sometimes forget that these places were once unaffected communities with their own distinct music, commerce, habitat, etc.

Aside from enjoying some AMAZING culinary delights we also shared some obscure facts about Thailand and listened to some traditional and modern Thai music. Then I got the young people making collages of images of Thai life and mapping out the outline of Thailand in string on the floor and positioning the significant towns and cities within it. We rounded the evening off by playing some of the games which schoolchildren play in Thailand.

We over ran and ended up digressing from my carefully structured progamme for the evening but it was an excellent evening of youth work because we all mucked in together and chatted and laughed as a group.

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dreaming-neko said...

thai people are cool! *hint-hint*