Friday, January 14, 2005

Out of time!

So who is the one person in history or literature that I'd like to meet?

BOY that is a difficult question! Who came up with that one?

Well there's a list I'm afraid....

Leonardo da Vinci - he was cool. He drew. He did science.
Matthew Paris - he was a chronicler. He painted. He observed nature and thought about science.
Gregory of Tours - Bishop and chronicler
Bede - historian and monk

There's a theme developing!

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KT said...

Literature: I think I would meet Elizabeth Bennett, purely because there are some things about her that remind me of me (or maybe things about me that remind me of her).

Or Sophie from Jostein Gaarder's 'Sophie's World' because her outlook on life intrigues me.

Historical: I would like to meet Emma Louise Sainsbury (my great great grandmother), to find out if she was the niece of J Sainsbury (and solve some of my mum's geneology problems) and what life was like then, and how long she was a ginger beer bottle washer for after the census.