Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bridget Jones over Troubled Water

Well I just read some shockingly depressing news in another blog.

Apparently, "a high I.Q. hampers a woman's chance to get married, while it is a plus for men. The prospect for marriage increased by 35 percent for guys for each 16-point increase in I.Q.; for women, there is a 40 percent drop for each 16-point rise." and men would rather marry a traditional homemaker wife than a woman with a career as apparently they think a career woman is more likely to have an affair. Now hang on a second.... If a woman with a high IQ is LESS likely to get a guy how can they be MORE likely to have an affair. That is SUCH man logic!

Well anyway, this is NOT good news for me as my IQ is 155. I'm not sure I really want to work out the precentage odds left to me. Top IQ is 170. A point drop of 16 brings it far too close. So that must make my chances PRETTY slim. Ah well. I may as well give up then.

No I refuse to give up. It's not MY fault! I can't help being bright. It doesn't make me better than anybody else. In fact I have frequent ditzy moments as one of my earlier blog entries attests. Also I happen to be reasonably talented in the cooking department AND as a youthworker I'm pretty good with children. I may be rather disinclined to housework but who isn't? Intelligence does not proclude me from caring for others, from forming friendships... why oh WHY should my intelligence mean I'm less likely to marry?

How about some feedback from the guys out there. Are the statistics right?


EasyRew said...

Don't believe a word of it. I'm a reasonably intelligent guy (sorry - is that an oxymoron?) and would much rather marry a woman with intelligence and a career.

Hmm - but don't listen to me, I'm also single at 30+. Leper!

Saint Nate said...

Personally, I'm very turned on by intelligent women - however, I know this makes me a minority among most guys, who tend to feel the need to be smarter and stronger than their mate.