Saturday, January 22, 2005

And Blog shall speak unto blog

Ok well I started my Blog around the world recently and if you look at the links you'll see that there are STILL a lot of gaps. So my blog pals... it's time for some de-lurking! I know that there are people out there who read this blog who come from some of the vacant time zones but I haven't come across your blog in blog explosion or blog clicker yet! Let me know where you are. Frustratingly I have found several really good blogs from the same time zone and yet some time zones still (and maybe will ALWAYS) allude me.

So this is a big pleas out to all you bloggy pals. I know I don't have a cute dog to make you all look at the site but PLEASE do look in and let me know if you have a blog in one of my unfilled zones!


Jen(nifer) said...

i have you on my blogroll : ) Via BE.

Anonymous said...

hi there! dropped in via BC :)

andrena said...

hey! surfing through BC!

Sue said...

Surfing through on BlogClicker! Been to your area of's a beautiful place. I'm in the 8 hours behind time zone, but up in Canada. Have a great night/day/whatever time it is when you are reading this!

Jade said...

Givin' a shout out to ya tonight!
I am in America, Arizona to be exact!
I know there are several BC surfers who read me, and don't comment or anything so I feel your frustrations!
I enjoyed my reads here and wanted you to know!
Take care!

Anonymous said...

I'm 10 hours ahead of GMT in Sydney Australia.

Scrawler said...

Hi! I'm from London, UK. Surfin through via BC! :)

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...


Thanks for all of those.

Anne - I can't get access to your blog but would like to consider it for the ten hours ahead slot. Can u send me a link?

Michael said...

I found your blog on Blog Explosion. Nice blog. I work with students at my church.