Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dogma part 4: Wisconsin

Metatron: Aaah, Bartleby, was Wisconsin really THAT bad?

Apparently not, according to my friend who lives there (although he was careful to point out he doesn’t hail from there!). Although it’s not a place you can walk around barefoot that often (according to another reliable source!)

The Metatron says these words to the fallen angel Bartleby who preferred the prospect of the end of all existence to staying in Wisconsin where he had been banished for all eternity after rebelling against God.

Well what does Wisconsin stand for? It stands for all the STUFF (as my young people would say) that sometimes makes us want to give up absolutely everything in preference for feeling nothing. Sometimes we all have the feeling that we'd rather everything was different if it meant that one tiny part of life as different.

So what is the Wisconsin in your life? Is Wisconsin really THAT bad?


Melissa said...

Wisconsin isn't THAT bad. It's not nearly as bad as Kansas (where I am now) or Oklahoma, or Missouri, or Arkansas, or Alabama, or alot of places. I grew up in small town Wisconsin, but I lived the last seven years in Milwaukee, which isn't a bad city. And Madison is a great liberal college town.

I actually haven't seen Dogma. That's funny that he was banished to Wisconsin though ;-)


Barrie said...

Wisconsim, mmm. Cold. Plenty of moose?

You've inspired me to both Blog about this and also a theme for my Youth Club talk on Sunday, for both I am grateful.

As for what makes me want to give up everything to feel nothing, currently nothing; but I've been there & it sure is a cold and lonely place.

nick said...

Wisconsin doesnt have a lot of Moose, except on farms. And yes, it is THAT bad.

Barrie said...

Nick - define lots (2,20,200,2000000)!?!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

I've never been to Wisconsin... though I did have an invite to go to Racine last year which I might eventually be taking up ths summer if I can get cheap enough flights!

How would moose make Wisconsin better or not?

nick said...

Ive lived in Wisconsin virtually all my life, Ive never seen a moose in the wild. There may be a few, but you have to get a little farther north in general... Upper Minnesota, Upper Michigan... Canada...
Anyways, this appears to be way off topic :) On with the subject at hand!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Thank you for the insider info on the Moose issue. Let's consider that topic closed!

Barrie said...

woah, hang on!
We didn't establish whether they were choclate or strawberry? ;)