Thursday, January 20, 2005

Love is in the Blog

I saw a wonderful thing today. A guy declared that he had become smitten with a girl through reading her blog:

"i fell in love with a blog today. i didn't think i would.but her writing was so beautiful... and she was so beautiful.with words and thoughts so familiar, yet previously unread~my heart beat quickens (must be that second cup of coffee).not that it matters,'ll never come to anything any ways.but you can always dream :)"

I think this is definitely one to watch people!

I had a look at the blog myself and it is wonderful. I particularly liked a post quoting some words of wisdom on loving and losing. I'm going to put this in the next entry.


dreaming-neko said...

isn't love grand! :)
happy blogging~

Cecilia said...

I see you've caught this! *blush blush* It is, indeed, so rare to get such heartwarming compliments but when they come, they do make your day. Something in you shifts and then you are inspired once again.