Saturday, January 15, 2005

Love is all around us

This week has been a bit of tricky one, as implied in an earlier blog, someone I know rather well has been having boy trouble. I reflected on it myself, being as I am still single. For me the fascinating thing has been bouncing ideas of my plethora of male chums on the matter.

I particularly liked the contrast between comments from Chris and Tim. Chris reassured me that men are not stupid and that if this boy had said that he "had a new girlfriend" this was probably a subtle hint. Chris is convinced that this chap KNOWS that this someone likes him. Later chatting to Tim I reported that Chris had told me that men are not stupid.

"Oh yes they are!" He said.

Why do people get hurt so often in this whole love business? Well the thing that has reassured me about humanity and its goodness is the love that all my friends show me. However it was Chris who came up with the greatest wisdom... not his own but borrowed from The Imitation of Christ where Jesus' message is summarised as: "It is for my sake that they must be loved."

The message being that we love each other not for our own sake, not for the sake of those we love but for the sake of God.

Coupled with listening to In Christ Alone by Stuart Townend, this was a great source not of comfort, but of reassurance. It does not matter that I'm single. What matters is that I love and am loved by many people, even by a few people out there in the blogosphere. :oD

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