Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Step Beyond

Ian and Alice have already put some stuff on the blogosphere about the DYO network conference. We had some painful discussions about some financial issues (in which we are not alone, I know) and some inspiring words from Chris Curtis, Peter Ball and Tony Cook among others, laughs, discussions, magic and even a coach trip with old fashioned commentary thanks to Nic!

I found myself in an even less word oriented reflective place than usual and took very few notes. I did however do some more Holy doodling and also had a discussion about just that with one of my fellow DYOs who is also a fellow doodler.

I very much appreciated the Eucharist with annointing which we concluded with and was WOWed by the creativity of young people which Chris presented us with.

dyos are
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sea and sky
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mission marks
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Monday, May 04, 2009

Fingerprint on Every Soul

Instead of working further on the last painting I did (I wasn't sure if it was finished or not - I'm still not fully sure!!) I decided to do something that might complement it or partner it anyway. So again I took the lyrics of Human and focussed instead on the line" 'cos I'm on my knees looking for the answer." Intriguingly I also seem to have brought in a creed that we shared at our team meeting earlier in the year:

We have heard about you, God of all power.
You made the world out of kindness,
Creating order out of confusion;
You made each one of us in your own image;
Your fingerprint is on every soul.
So we praise you

We have heard about you, Jesus Christ:
The carpenter who left his tools and trade;
The poor man who made others rich;
The healer who let himself be wounded;
The criminal on whom the soldiers spat
Not knowing they were fouling the face of God;
So we praise you.

We have heard about you, Holy Spirit.
You broke the bonds of every race and nation,
To let God speak in every tongue;
You made disciples drunk with grace;
You converted souls and emptied pockets;
You showed how love made all things new
And opened the doors to change and freedom.
So we praise you.

Iona Community, Scotland