Sunday, January 09, 2005

Blog around the world

At the suggestion of someone who left a comment on my blog, I recently joined blog explosion. Through this bloggers surf each other's sites and in return for this other people are invited to view their site. Basically the more blogs you look at the more bloggers look at your site. Sometimes the blogs aren't that inspiring but I've come across some really fabulous blogs that I might never have found except through blog explosion. I've also had hundreds of new viewers (though only for a precious 30 seconds in most cases I'm sure!)

Seeing all the blogs made me think I really needed to spruce mine up a bit - hence some of you who've been checking out the blog for a while might have noticed the new links and graphic. I've now got a blogroll of some of my old favourites and a few new treasures from blog explosion.

Well my aim is to get someone from every time zone eventually. Then it really will be a blog around the world. Of course until I find a good candidate for each it will be under construction!


Boo & Izzy said...

I just started using Blog Explosion too, and I've stumbled upon a lot of great blogs that I never would have otherwise. I really like your idea of listing blogs around the world.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sarah in High Wycombe
I'm in Henley. Aint blogging fun!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Hello anonymous in Henley...

Blogging is fun.

Wanna let me know where yrs is?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Surfed in via BE from North Idaho in the USA :) BlogExplosion is so darned addicting, I've found lots of neat blogs this way :D

Jean C
JeanC's Cat House and Shooting Society

Anonymous said...

Surfing in through BE - welcome! You can count me as a reader... from Colorado.