Saturday, January 08, 2005

Springtime for Jerry and Daytime

Ok so I am watching the Jerry Springer Opera right NOW.

I can certainly say that many of the expletives are just pointless and rather too obvious and patronising attempt to recreate the language of "people like that" which is even more bizarre in the curious dissonant style of modern opera.

Well i'ts no Don Giovanni, La Boheme or Aida! I'm swtiching to Billy Connoly. Probably MORE expletives but all of them REAL and unforced. I never find Billy offensive because he doesn't intend to offend. Perhaps that's my issue with the Jerry Springer thing. There's an intention to be offensive. Billy intends to amuse or to make you laugh. It is so often true that it is the thought that counts!

It is our intentions which determine the tone of whatever we do and which colour the way people receive us.

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