Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I'm stunned by the massive peak of hits to the site yesterday since I joined Revdgalblogpals! Thank you all for stopping by and having a look and welcome to any new RGBPs out there.

Still not much deep stuff on the blog front as I'm only on day two of catching up in the office! In fact there's a time out this afternoon (working this eve) to do a little bit of thank you card writing but only after I've had a look at the worship I'm revamping for our diocesan youth holiday which is coming up in ten days time - eek! Where DID June go?

Monday, June 26, 2006

80s nostalgia fest

Ok so if you want a little nostalgia time check out these 80s videos. Michael and i tuned in to Adam Ant, Genesis (The Land of Confusion), T'Pau, Vanessa Paradis, Weird Al Yancovic, Yello & Yazz

Thanks to Andy for the link!

The Mountain comes to ... you

Those of you who have read me blah on about Taize could experience a bit of it this year as Br Alois is coming to the UK

There will be services at Bradford and at Westminster Abbey. It should be very cool!

Back to the Grindstone?

It will be my first day in the office tomorrow, having been back at work Saturday and Sunday but off as usual today (I nearly didn't but then noticed how many Mondays might be not entirely off over the next few weeks so I opted to take the time out).

I've been reading Mark Yaconelli's Contemplative Youth Ministry over the last few weeks and I really hope it will impact on the ministry. I'm even thinking of adopting some of the models for recruitment and youth planning meetings which focus very strongly on discernment and not so much on "getting-the-job-done". I'm not sure how it'll be received and am a little uncertain as to whether I want to do that this week or reflect on it more first.

Something I do want to restart when I go back is sitting down at my desk and beginning with reflection. A few years ago now I set my home page to the "thought for the day" from Taize but lately I've rather read it in a rush and hastened on to the first tasks of the day.

Tonight I rediscovered the sie called Sacred Space and might use that as a way of beginning the time at the desk with prayer rather than rush.

What do other people do to help with focus? I'd be interested to hear.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Wedding pics...

Originally uploaded by Sarah Brush.
For those of you that might be interested, I've put a few more pictures from the wedding up on the flickr site.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Changing lives

Ok so to respond to Phil G's accusation of non-blogging here's another wedding related one. I'm back to work tomorrow so possible no blogging for a few days and then maybe, you never know, there might even be some more youth minsitry/work related blogging.

However until then...

Thanks to our friends and family who gave us gifts from our Oxfam unwrapped list
some people in less privileged parts of the world have been given many things. As each one appeared through the post, Michael and I added them to a little story that we had of the people benefiting. I know it’s kinda cheesy but it made it easier for me to picture the benefit of people’s gifts. So here we go:

There is a village school with two fully trained teachers who have fifteen students fully kitted out.

The children and teachers have an essential hygiene kit, life saving buckets to keep their water clean and a fully functional toilet.

The children take it in turns to travel to school on the school donkey
along the road lined with a hundred trees

and when they get to school
there are two calves to give
them all some daily milk.

The children also benefit from supportive education for themselves and their families from the team who are dedicated to changing attitudes to violence against women.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ta dah!

Still smiling.. mostly
Originally uploaded by Sarah Hamilton.
Ok so we've had a few people pop on over to the Flickr site but I know you're not all up to that kind of technology leap so here's a taster of the wedding pictures.

Back again!

Ok so we're back from honeymoon but we're knda caught up sorting the house out and things in expectation of wedding list gifts arriving. Just to keep you busy though, there are tons of pics from the honeymoon trip to Lulea in Sweden (including us playing Kubb which we found there for £8 - so cool!) and a few select pics from the wedding photos.

Anyway I must get back to cleaning and tidying and all that....

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hail & Farewell Sarah Hamilton

Ok so I've just hit the dizzy heights of number1 & number 2 on Google search for Sarah Hamilton... and I'm not anymore.

I am now Sarah Brush and will be aiming high in the Google sense!!!

Many thanks to everyone who made the day go well and to all those of you who sent good wishes/prayers/cards/gifts.*

*delete as applicable