Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The World's BIGGEST Book Store

I started my mini city tour by a pop into the World's Biggest Book Store which had some interesting things and oh yes, I DID look at religious books and YES I noted some down. Only the third day of hols so I'm still not entirely disconnected from work.

Anyway... for the benefit of my youth work colleagues... there's a teenage boy equivalent of REVOLVE (the teen girl magazine style New Testament) called REFUEL from Other things that looked good were an EVERYTHING book of Prayer and a trio of books of Labyrinth Meditations including the Labyrinth and Christian Prayer and The Labyrinth and Song of Songs (I thought the younger end of the LCSB might like that one!) but I didn't check out the precise details of those - lax off-duty chick that I am!!! I didn't actually buy any of them as it is only day three and I can't buy too much hevay stuff.

Interesting thing about the World's Biggest Book Store was the sotck balance. There was an absolute TONNE of new age religion and Wicca stuff - much more than I've ever seen in a British shop. The Christian religious section was also sizeable however, on a par with Borders in shelf space but not as extensive as Blackwells. There were a good sixteen shelves of Bibles BUT it was severely lacking in decent in depth theology. No Moltmann, no Rahner, no BARTH! What is the world coming to? Elsewhere there were some thrity different versions of Chicken Soup for the Soul such as Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul - not sure why THAT one stood out!!! So why so many self-help style books and nothing deeper? Our postmodern dumbing down world strikes again I think.

What I did buy was a pop up map of Toronto. I opted for that rather than a guide books so I might look a little less like a tourist.

I'm going to the Art Gallery of Ontario tomorrow. I want to do the Rodin exhibition justice so I didn't want to squeeze it in to the time before I meet Kerry after work for coffee. So today was shopping day... tomorrow CULTURE!

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Anonymous said...

How cool! I't like getting a post card every day! Just have to imagine the pics of mounties/ squirrel assassins though!PS. Make more effort to get out of work mode, chick, this is your HOLiDAY!!!! kx