Saturday, October 23, 2004

End of the line

Today Kerry and I reached the end of the line... of the subway that is. Kipling, to be precise, (oh best beloved!) There Kerry's friend Joanne picked us up and drove us through the vineyards and wineries and across lake Ontario to Niagara Falls. I'm seeing far more of the typical Canadain scenery; beautiful fall colours and quaint country churches.

It reminds me that I've notcied how much there is a real dichotomy between some of the really slick shopping malls and the somewhat rundown parts of the city. I suppose London is the same really but Toronto is rundown in a Canadian way. In many ways Canada isn't as modernised as the UK. For example the bank counters look as they did in the UK in the 1980s. Apparently some of this is due to the recession resulting from the additional costs of dual language government and signposting. Perhaps that explains why Wales is more old fashioned than England???

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