Sunday, October 10, 2004

Church totally ROCKS

Today the young people from our youth holiday led our family service which is called Worship For All. Vic gave a talk which the rest of them had helped work out at our youth holiday reunion last Saturday. We told the congregation about the way we used stones each day to remind us of our sins and how God forgives our sins through Jesus sacrifice on the cross. We gave each member of the congregation a stone and invited them to offer their stone at the foot of the cross as a symbol of offering their sins and the sins of the world to God and asking for forgiveness.

It seemed to go down fairly well with the All Saints' crowd and I was so immensely proud of all the young people. Whenever one of them gives the talk I always feel so humbled and think I should take a back seat with these things ALL the time but then I remember that I actually love preaching. It's one of the bits of my job when I really feel I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing; connecting to God and connecting people to God. It's something I get to explore more deeply next weekend as I'm joining the good people of the SAOMC on a preaching weekend.

Unfortunately I think this weekend might involve that hideous experience of seeing yourself on video whilst talking or listening to your voice on tape - ah well. We all need a little humbling now and then! No doubt I'll blog a bit about that experience anon.

I am heading off to Canada almost straight after my course so expect some Canadian blogging in a while as well! Before then I have to set the house and office in order so that youthwork can continue in my absence. It's not that I'm indispensible just that I know where everything is in my office - messy though it may appear! - and other people don't know where everything is. Well in fact at the moment they might because after youth group on Saturday EVERYTHING is filling my office and none of it is in the right place! So a week of tidying ahead - not my annointing as Dave would say!


Anonymous said...

You're going to be able to tidy your office in just a week!

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Come on own up... who was that?

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...
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