Tuesday, October 19, 2004

High Society

Well clearly I can't be writng this directly into the old blognet as I'm on the plane but... thoughts so far...

Well a lovely journey through some fabulous English countryside on the way to Gatwick with my Dad which set me up perfectly for a trip away. Even the M25 was clear - how mch can a girl ask, eh?

I got checked in EXTREMELY easily and quickly but, despite me smart casual look, no upgrade - ah well I seem fairly comfortable in the not so comfortble seat so far and only 7 hrs 01 mins left (as the handy timer on the screen keeps telling us!) This would be only marginally less irritating if it weren't for the fact that we were sitting on the plane for an entire HOUR past our original departure time because of some software problem.

One very strange thing is the cute map to show us where we are. I find this quite reassuring at present (we are over Cardiff as I write, allegedly) however I imagine this might be less of a reasurance when we're over the ocean for any lenght of time!

29 mins and we've done 225 miles!

Sorry that just flashed up on the screen so I thought I'd share it with you.

I've finally found a music channel with something vaguely rock like - She's Like the Wind was TOO much!

Anyway I was telling you about this map...

It has the curious novelty of telling us not ONLY where we are but ALSO where all SORTS of other places are in relation to us. Currently there's a map of Europe including places like Baden Baden, Nice and in Italy... Bari. Not ROME or FLORENCE.... but Bari. Why Bari? Is there a syndicate of Bari businessmen who've done a deal with Transat trying to influence us. I've been reading An Instance of the Fingerpost so I'm currently awash with conspiracy theory driven ideas!

More pleasing news... my tactic of not going to the cinema in the last few weeks as paid off. I will be seeing The Terminal AND Raising Helen. Both are films I was vaguely intrigued by when I saw the trailers but wasn't sure I could quite be bothered enough to go to see. I might have managed to get Tim to The Terminal but I REALLY don't think he'd have gone for Raising Helen!

I am also displaying a small quantity of sad muppetry - I have purchased the Transat headphones for two bucks (can you tell I'm getting into this whole Canadian deal?) even though I actually have a superior pair of Sony gel earphoes. the ONLY reason I bought hem was because I wantd them with the little logo on. SAD, SAD, SAD - I know.

482 mph 32000 feet -34 F outside.

Oh how splendidly Canadian! Channel 1 has the audio for the screen in French and Channel 2 is in English. I get a language lesson AND I learn about Cuba - for some unknown reason; a deal with the cigar makers? I'm waiting for the travelogue on Bari!!!

Oh I'm giving in to subliminal suggestion... I'm listening to French commentary and I'm SURE I can taste French chocolate! And lo! the snack trolley cometh! I will be strong willed. I will drink my water and wait for the lunch.

That's enough from me for now... More anon, I'm going to try to do some serious writing. The groundbreaking nove of the new century awaits. It should be "positively Farmatousesque" - NO IDEA how to spell that, apologies Miss Jones! No seriously, I have an idea for another book (the first still only a quarter done) and I promised myself I wouldn't start a new one, I CAN'T write about sixth century France when I'm on an aeroplane - it would all go insane!

Oh and I gave in to temptation after all... a tomato juice and a gine and tonic! Damn, damn DAMN!

Ooh we're over Cork! Hey and I spotted that before the detailed map came on.

The Terminal has started. There goes my intention to undertake my literary endeavours!

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