Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I like pie...

Well today the cathedral redeemed itself slightly in my opinion because when I walked in there was an organist practising for the evensong for All Saints' day including Bainton's And I saw a New Heaven. There was also no cleaning in progress. The gift shop was open this time so I did get a cheery (though somewhat behind-the-counter-intimidating) hello on my way in and an invitation to look at the Christmas cards on the way out but there was still nothing that set it apart from a nice building in the way the welcoming ladies behaved. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting my head to be bashed in with a bible or any kind of blessing [Toronto or otherwise ;oP ]

I've also had another wander round the St Lawrence market - this time with a purpose. It was wonderful fun and I found myself relishing a little extravagance as part of my "thank you" to Kerry for her kind hospitality. Rather Babette's Feast like (Alan if you're readn this - yes I did appreciate the message of the film, despite myself really!) I'm now wrapped around a Pumpkin Spiced Latte at Starbucks and yes amazingly it IS scrummy! I doubt we'll be getting that one in the UK! I think it tastes good because I treated myself to a mini pumpkin pie at the market and still had the taste left in my mouth when it came to ordering coffee.

So tonight I shall be preparing melon with twelve month old Parma Prosciuotto (that's GOOD by the way!) follwed by Beef Strogaoff with some Torontonian Mill Street organic lager for added flavour (a trick I discovered when cooking in Germany) accompanied by a light salad (Kerry doesn't realy DO cooked veg so I passed by the incredible looking asparagus and yellow courgettes which I would have served!!) all rounded off with custard tart, chocolate tart (half of each) and a chocolate dipped strawberry. Not actually much work for a three course dinner but I don't want to mess up Kerry's kitchen in my usual culinary manner.

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