Sunday, October 17, 2004

Practice what you preach

I'm just back from the SAOMC preaching weekend which was pretty cool actually. The sessions mostly reassured me that I'm doing ok with the preaching deal and also showed me how much progress I've made since we looked at preaching last year.

Aside from the sessions it was also good to meet up with all my friends and catch up before I jet off to Canada tomorrow. An added bonus was getting to meet some new people who've joined the course who are just fab and also to skive off during the freetime to have lunch with me girly mates from when I worked at Reading Uni!

Overall there was lots of laughter (I REALLY can't remember what we laughed about except for one VERY rude thing which would only embarrass Mark anyway if I told as it was his unfortunate doubl'entendre!), a viewing of Babette's Feast, late night chats and good red wine, some hearty cooked breakfasts and some lovely autumn colours.

I think the MOST frightening moment though was when I was chatting to Roger today and realised that the next time I see him I'm going to be THIRTY! Life seems to be moving SO fast at the moment. It really must be time for a holiday.

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