Monday, October 25, 2004


Over the weekend we went into Menonite country (they're like the Amish in Witness) which was really cool.

Oooh and on the drive there we saw a BEAVER crossing the road! Oh Oh, AND a chipmunk :oD

St Jacob's was a marvellous bit of rural Canada. I bought some maple syrup and we saw the Menonites in their horse-drawn buggy. All very touristy really.

Also we had a look at Barrie where Kerry's parents live. It is an intriguing place with no real town centre. There are what we would think of as big out of town shopping areas but these ARE the town. There are no offices to speak of, only retail parks. It was just weird but apparently this is normal for a "bedroom town" what we'd call a "dormitory town" I suppose.

Kerry and I also went to see Team America. It was truly crude, sick and offensive but also hilariously funny, I'm afraid! I don't think it'll go down well in the US somehow!

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