Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Place of Meeting

Toronto means "Place of Meeting" in Huron Indian. Ok, panic not I do not have lots of dull bits of info like that - yet!

First day of going solo in Toronto and I must look at home because an American lady on vacation asked me if the food court in the Eaton Centre was "always this busy"?

I felt really guilty when Kerry left for work at 7.30 am, leaving me with instructions for the streetcar in case I forgot, especialy as I was sitting on the sofa bed in my PJs planning to go back to sleep!

After a few more Zzzzs, a yummy raisin and cinammon bagel, some blog typing and a joyous viewing of Macgyver, I set off for my first solo streetcar ride.

I'm now sitting in my "Toronto office" - Timothy's on the corner of Albert and James. I may branch out eventually but this place is pretty big and I must admit to becoming a little daunted by the sheer HEIGHT of all the buildings even though today their tops are shrouded in fog from about the 25th floor upwards. However my office is an interesting spot. It boasts the view of the local smoking office workers and, like so much of Toronto, a small group of trees in beautiful fall colours.

I also popped into Holy Trinity church which was built 150 years ago and is a small jewel of a centrepiece of tradition n the idst of the shopping temples of Eaton Place and the Atrium on the Bay. Holy Trinity has a strong community focus with a homeless centre and a community cafe which I plan on trying later. They also have a focus on prayer with a grass labyrinth in the garden outside the church.

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