Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Distilled knowledge

I forgot to mention our visit to the distillery district which was just fabulous. It reminded me of some of the rennovated parts of the London docklands. Rich dark chocolatey heritage with a fresh raspberry zing of modern art workshops and juice bars. It's a place that has been used in all kinds of films including some in which Kerry was an extra so she had all kinds of stories about two forthcoming films Samantha and the Ice Princess which features Michelle Trachtenburg aka Dawn from Buffy who was apparently useless at skating!

Housed in the old distillery lunch room [No smoking until 1215 as the sign told us!] was an amazing glass studio. Most of the pieces were upwards of $2000 and at least one was $500,000 - OUCH! but most of them were absolutely stunning especially a set using tiny squares and rectangles of multicoloured glass together with clear glass suares that reminded me of that work by Bridget Reilly. The individual squares were less than 1cm squared and some of the works were nearly a metre high - that's a lot of glass!

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