Thursday, October 07, 2004

Wherefore art thou.. Juliet?

A strange appearance in my letterbox today... a CARD. Always lovely to have post that does not involve the words "THIS IS NOT A CIRCULAR" It was a lovely square pink envelope. Unfortunately it wasn't addressed to me but to Mrs J Hamilton. It was a birthday card from Lara. Problem is I do not know either of these people and I feel it is such a shame that Juliet won't hear the news from Lara and that Lara will probably not hear back from Juliet as she won't even KNOW that Lara wrote to her. So... holding out hope against hope. If there is anyone out there to whom this might seem familiar, can you pass on the message!?:

"To Juliet
Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day on Sunday (3rd or 10th October) with lots of nice presents.
Hope to see you soon. Loads of Love Lara xxxx"
and on the other side:

"I moved into my uni Halls 2 weeks ago and have been enjoying my new uni Lifestyle and have made loads of new friends. Everyone on our course seams really nice, the tutors are a bit scary though! (not a patch on you)
All the other girls are enjoying it too, although we have been thrown in at the deep end getting much more work than we'd bargained for! So send the second years my Love and tell them to make the most of college they don't realise how easy they have it!
I hope everything is ok with you, and the new first years aren't giving you too much grief! Hope to catch up with you soon when we all have a day off. Speak to you soon Loads of Love xxx"

What was strange about the card is that it felt familiar. I used to teach Latin and have just had a group of our older teenagers leave and go off to uni so it somehow seemed that it COULD be to me apart fromt he fact that my name is not Juliet and I don't recall ever teaching a Lara. Laura yes, Lara, no.

However, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find either one of these two people. The college mentioned could by Henely College or Bucks Chiltern University College... or anywhere I suppose. It's a bit of a message in a bottle but you never know it might work!


Dave said...

There is an address for a Juliet Hamilton if you search on Google for the name followed by the name of your town.

It's on a page entitled "Custom Corset Manufacturers and Designers".

Thanks for kind comments about the cartoons.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Thanks Dave,

That seems highly possible as our local college does run fashion design courses. Well done.

So will corsets feature in your cartoons???