Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Secret Squirrel

Ok now I've been feeling very British today...

Firstly with the whole langauge and accent deal. I've been practicing saying tomato. That aside, I think I'm going to be speaking like the queen by the time I get home.

The second Britomuppet moment was my excitement at seeing a black squirrel. Now I don't know about you but I've only ever seen grey or red squirrels. I didn't know they came in black!

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Of course having seen one I was all excited but within ten minutes I'd seen about twenty and they were a little less novel by then! It did occur to me though.. why black? I mean the grey squirrels seem better camouflaged to me and that made me think... maybe these black squirrels are in the discworld assassins guild. Maybe there ARE some black squirrels in England but we never see them! Think on!

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Well I've sat about the flat this mornign typing up the old blog but now I'm heading off to catch the streetcar - SO exciting! - then I'm hitting Timothy's, Second Cup or Tim Horton's (Canadian Coffee House chains!) for some lunch and from there... well the Art Gallery of Ontario or the BIGGEST mall I've EVER seen - the Eaton Centre. This is the shopping mall which extends up three floors and DOWN two floors. Apparently the Path extends underground for most of the centre of the city so that some people can get from home to shops to work and home again without ever going outside. How Asmovian is that? Well apparently bits of Toronto featured in I Robot and LOADS of other films. I'll be looking out for them!

More anon good reader. I hope all is well back in quaint ol' England (or in Sunny Australia, Coz!)

Comments welcome people to make me feel not QUITE so far away!


Anonymous said...

Glad you've found coffee!
Greetings from the U.K arm of the blogosphere where I've been getting delusions of grandeur! You can now find me at, or Ha Ha Ha, I shall take over the world or is that a bit Asmovian?

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie, K here! Glad you are there safe and sound, and enjoying youself. Say hello to the black squirrels - still not in the same class as jam night though! You say tomatoe, etc! Bless you, look forward to hearing more and seeing you soon.

KT said...

Ahh, Tim Horton's is definatly the best - memories of ice caps in the summer..... hmmmmm....

Hope you're having a fab time. Canadians are also very good at pumpkin pie and chocolate brownies...

btw it's an 'apartment' not a flat and 'movies' not films.... and the whole pants/trousers thing is as ever a cause for humour or humilitation :-)