Tuesday, October 26, 2004

a walk on the wild side

Today, Kerry and I roamed around some more wild parts of the city which would probably be eqivalent to Tottenham Court Road, Camden town and Carnaby street. China town was also fascinating and there was a REALLY cool secondhand bookshop on Queen Street. I was tempted but remembered my luggage weight allowance!

In the evening, we went to see HERO which was stunningly visually and in fact the story was fascinating as well. Much like An Instance of the Fingerpost (which I have just finisehd - superb!) it retold the story in different ways each time.

Yet more interesting than the film was Kerry's final realisation about the cinema we went to see it at. The Royal on College Street is part of the group of Festival cinemas which is a group set up to salvage old style movie theatres in the city. Kerry used to live just around the corner and didn't remember there being a cinema there when she was at the University of Toronto and yet, when we got there, the cinema was clearly a 60s building. Finally she remembered. The Royal used to be the ADULT cinema. My visit to Toronto really HAS been a series of new experiences!!!

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