Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Flying High

This is the second blog from my flight...

Well The Terminal was superb and I just about avoided blubbing in the middle of a plane... well, at least I covered it well! I was pleasantly surprised by the film, although its weakness is that it has left me wanting to talk like Victor Novoroski for... much time, Not sure when it will again... be time for an eat to bite.

547 mph 31000 feet -50 F outside

and as I suspected before... the location of the plane in the middle of the Atlantic ocean really isn't the most reassuring of sights. We are just south of Angmagssalik in Greenland and a LONG way from Casablanca! Now already it seems to be time for Raising Helen. Curious. I have to say... transatlantic travel seems to be a good excuse to watch two films back to back - how fantastic! Though it is still doing nothing for my literary career but Raising Helen has John Corbett in it so that may help the old creativity with my new leading man. I must try not to base him entirely on people I know and if he looks like John Corbett in my head that's got to help!

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