Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Up in the air

This just in... we're back over land again. Just north of Comer Brook and heading south.

2 hours 10 minutes until we get there and 5 hours 13 minutes since we left and it's -56 F outside now up here at 35000 feet - hey I sound like the guy flyig the plane!

We'll soon be passing over Prince Edward Island and I don't think I'll be able to see the lake of shinign waters from here - shame!

Not surprisingly, it really IS reassuring to see the little plane symbol flyer over land again.

The video screen now promises Stan the Exerciseman - I can't wait - DVT no problem for me! Oh shocking - less than a page of the great new book and TONNES of blog and yet more distraction to come... an episode of Friends I've never seen.

Now what I couldn't ACTUALLY write about on the plane was the woman next to me who KEPT on looking over at what I was writing. I find that incredibly annoying! I knew we got off to a bad start when I turned to smile and was about to say hey when she just blanked me completely. She also spent most of the flight sighing and trying to find a comfortable position. Personally compared to the coach journey to Taize (which takes LONGER than my flight to Canada!!) I was really comfortable. She also kept rubbing the arm nearest to me as if I was too close when I was MILES away. Was my aura rubbing her aura or something??? I tried to be charitable and think that maybe she found the leg room limited but when I finally saw her stand-up she was shorter than me (and that's SHORT!) so I was a bit bemused really.

Well I arrived safely and met Kerry with her fiend Joanne who was driving us into the city through the fall colours. Beautiful

We had a traditional Canadian GREEK supper and then a night time tour of the city. Superb1

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