Saturday, March 05, 2005

Thank you Mr Preview!

I had one of those culture defining moments this evening... and unfortunately I think I'm a Philistine!

I went to a concert featuring Grieg's Piano Concerto and as the orchestra and Piano soloist played the openingbars, rather than revelling in the counterpoint and allowing my thoughts to soar with the strings, I was thinking of Eric Morecambe and the FANTASTIC sketch involving a very game Andre Previn as the piano soloist to Eric's conductor. Eric steps in to "show Andre how to do it" and when Previn points out that he's playing it wrong Eric ripostes: "I'm playing the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order." Anyone else remember it?

Fortunately after that I was able to concentrate and reall enjoy sitting listening to music and doing ONLY that not doing sixty things at once.

Multi-tasking is a great skill but a dreadful habit.

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nessa said...

yes, i saw that skit recently. i think it was on one of those "top 50 comedians (or other thing) ever" programmes.

(btw, thanks for introducing me to unkymoods. how very cool is that?)