Sunday, March 27, 2005


We had an amazing but exhausting time last night at our Easter Watch leading to the Easter Vigil - staying up ALL NIGHT with activities and readings charting the history of God's people in the Old Testament and running up to Jesus' passion throughout the night.

I'm pretty spaced as I was on duty from 8pm Saturday until 11am Sunday non-stop which was rather draining and yet FAB!

We all went down to church at aroun 10pm and hid all the Easter eggs for the children's Easter egg hunt in church the next day. It was particulalry cool as we all had some of those glow in the dark glow sticks which look SO cool in a larg dark medieval church! We also made chocolate Easter egg nests and created special placemats for all the parishioners who were joining us for the 5.30am Vigil Mass (with Easter Fire which is pretty cool) and the subsequent breakfast.

I then went on to lunch with my dad, my brother and his in-laws which was great fun but it did mean I am only now getting tothe point of thinking about sleep. THis may be my earliest night in YEARS

I wanted to post Frederick Varley's Liberation, which I've raved about before, for Easter this year but a lack of time (and copyright law) haven't let me do that. Anyway, you should really see the full size 6ft tall image at the AGO in Toronto for the full effect!

Jesus Christ is Risen - Alleluia!

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dreaming-neko said...

happy easter, sarah :)