Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dessert Island discs

Yeah I KNOW it should be DESERT Island but I think a DESSERT island sounds more fun!

An idea ocurred to me as I was in Blockbuster getting the Xbox games for our youth group tomorrow. The long-running Desert Island discs show on Radio 4 asks people to choose (oh boy how many is it?) let's say 8 "discs" to take with you if you were on a desert island. I thought about updating this with DVDs. What 8 DVDs would you not want to be without? This is, of course, not the same as the 8 best ever films but the 8 films you would want to watch over and OVER again when stuck on a desert island (on the amazing solar-powered portable DVD player that just HAPPENED to be with you!) You also get one book (in addition to the Bible and the Complete works of Shakespeare),one luxury item and as it's a DESSERT Island - your choice of unending supply of any one dessert!

So I thought it over for a good few minutes and here is my list.

1) Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade
2) Bridget Jones' Diary
3) Pride and Prejudice
4) Shrek & Shrek 2 (It's a double DVD - that counts!!)
5) Groundhog Day
6) Pirates of the Caribbean
7) Pleasantville
8) An Agatha Christie (Poirot or Miss Marple either really!)

(Nothing too sad - I mean how BAD would that be?! Nothing too scary and nothing about being stuck on a desert island!)

Book: (SSSSOOOOOO tricky!) but if I've got the Bible and Shakespeare... I think I might opt for a blank book and then I can make charcoal and write something.

Luxury item: Grand Piano (music and shelter all in one!)

Bonus Dessert island dessert: tough one... but ultimately it has to be something chocolatey! Preferably chocolate mousse to go with he tropical fruit there might be on the island!!

BLIMEY that was tough! Anybody else willing to put them out there?


dreaming-neko said...

wow! i'm just surprise that you can name 8 dvds to take. i have too many :(

(hey, i didn't see monty python and the holy grail in there!)

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Good call!

I was torn about Monty Python... Agatha Christie just won out cos I can probably do most of the Holy Grail without seeing it!!

Anonymous said...

You and I have very similar tastes!
Bridget Jones and Pride and Prejudice definitely! And there is no question over a grand piano and a chocolate dessert!