Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Grand Day Out

My week of leave this week has turned into two days of leave, today and tomorrow. Doesn't help knowing my bruv is in CANCUN and a friend is in CUBA... What's my exotic choice???

Today I'm off to Guildford to see my goddaughter and her new student house that she's sorted for next year as well has some retail therapy and something scrumptious in a delightful restaurant!

Then tomorrow I'm off to Reading for the day with my dad which should be cool as well.

So not much blogging - even though I've found some new stuff on Einstein and relativity - you'll have to wait for that I'm afraid!


pete.maidment said...

you mean you came to guildford and didn't pop in for a coffee? rubbish

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

As I recall, when I suggested popping by when we were at Matrix, you said "oh I'm not there that day" even before I told u the date!

Seriously though... I couldn't visit this time as I went with a friend who needed to get back early. NEXT time I promise! :oD