Monday, March 21, 2005

The parable of the Mower

Would those of you who know me well make sure you're sitting down, please?

I spent the day tidying the house and garden. I EVEN mowed the grass - BOTH front AND back!

It did feel a bit like the parable of the sower.

A girl went our to mow. Some of the mowing was on the path where grass had grown up between the slabs. Some was among the thorns and she got scratched. Some mowing was among the rocky ground but some was on the good smooth ground and she mowed with ease!

When I had just started mowing I came to a clump of grass and noticed that there was a ladybird so, not wanting to kill it, I mowed round it. I spent the next twenty minutes mowing round ladybirds. Of course when I came back past the patch later, the ladybird had often gone so I was then able to mow that little bit quite easily and move on. It made me think about how sometimes, when we are making great changes, we sometimes have to leave some little parts unchanged so that we don't hurt people who are deeply attached to things. Yet when all else has changed around them, to change that last little bit is much simpler than you might expect. Mowing around the ladybirds didn't stop me mowing altogether and ultimately they didn't stop me finishing the mowing.

Keep an eye out for the ladybirds.

(Picture from Liverpool Museum)

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