Sunday, March 20, 2005

New Kids on the Blog

The young people came up with an exciting idea today at our Sunday group which is called Crew. A blog for our whole group so that they can all contribute to it as a group. Pretty cool, huh?

Well I shall be setting up the page today and sending them invites to join. I'll put a link to it and then we'll seem what happens!


anne berit said...

Sounds like a good idea :) Let us know how it's going. I have thougth of something simmilar, but blogging is still new for many in Norway it takes some time for them getting to know it ;)

simo said...

In my previous post we set up a discussion board for which I was the only adult with access to try and keep it a safe place, it was really useful for getting feedback on things especially if we tried something new in one of the sessions or a service, I wonder if that might work better than a blog?