Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Life Together

I finished Dietrich Bonhoeffer's, Life Together today and in my enthusiasm for this inspiring text I instantly loaned it to H at lunch when she said plaintivley, "I need a book to read". This means that I don't have the text with me to give you my reflections on it which is probably for the best. There were SO MANY excellent passages that I would have been inclined to type up page after page.

In the latter chapters, Bonhoeffer talks about the need for confession andacceptance of our sin beforemoving on to talk about ministry. For Bonhoeffer, ministry begins in servanthood. He stresses the importance of humility, and of listening before a minister can speak God's word to someone.

I can't do justice to Bonhoeffer in a single blog entry but what I will do is urge you to pick up a copy of Life Together. It really isn't an arduous read. I guarantee it's shorter than the book you're currently reading (unless your book includes lines such as "Here is Spot. See Spot run!") and something in it will certainly speak to you and your faith. Whether you live in an ideal Christian community or in one which there are conflicts and difficulties, Bonhoeffer has some sound wisdom.


Miz said...

I read "Life Together" as part of my marriage preparation. It has been a text and outlook that i often return to.

Thanks for your stimulating blog.

Roger Vere Youth Worker said...

Thanks, Miz. I've just blog-rolled you. Welcome to my world!