Friday, March 25, 2005


I've had two experiences of Gethsemane in the last twenty four hours.Most recently, today I took the little bibbles (as my boss calls "children") into the church yard and we made small crosses out of forcythia branches in bud in the hope that we'll have some leafy, flowering crosses on Easter Sunday. It is great to share the Easter story with children, though of course it is a bit of a challenge to find the balance between explaining what Jesus did and not telling them too much that they get scared. However I am always surprised by how GOOD they are at understanding how Jesus was hurting and that he did so out of love for his friends.

The other Gethsemane was in the splendid garden which our flower ladies created for our Maundy Thursday vigil.

These pics were taken during the day but during the night the candles were lit and the pyx held a ciborium full of the sacrament. It is an amazingly powerful way to "stay and keep watch" with Christ.

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