Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Epistle's Creed

As there’ve been no takers for summarising Paul’s message I thought I’d let you know what the Ministry course students suggested.

William was uncharacteristically succinct with: “Jesus saves. Get into him”

Ian’s summary was fantastic but so great I can’t remember it. Sorry, my friend.

Someone else focussed on TRANSFORMATION and the evidence of it seen in the communities Paul was writing to.

For me the fascinating part of the discussion focussed not on these Soundbytes of Paul but on the summary of people's feelings about the text

We looked at what aspects of Paul we found either appealing, unrealistic, unhelpful, or unintelligible.

One person commented that he thought Paul stressed unity over truth and I rather liked that but then realised that he had said it pejoratively. In fact a lot of the things that one person found appealing someone else found unrealistic, unhelpful or unintelligible. I suppose this isn’t to be wondered at. In fact if all those in ministerial training had the SAME opinions life really would be dull and the future of the church look somewhat bland.

Paul stressed Unity over truth?

I rather agree with the concept of doing that. It speaks to me of the emphasis that Paul places on LOVE for others and for God.

I suppose it’s no wonder that I should think that. I am a rather touch feeling kind of a person (an “F” if you want to get Myers-Briggs-y) whereas the person who thought Paul was wrong to stress Unity over Truth is more a thoughts and ideas kind of chap (a “T” for those with Myers-Briggs on the brain!) so naturally he might want to have it all RIGHT and sorted even if that meant division. On the other hand I would rather have things disordered a little and unsettled if that meant a stronger community.

Alan, who was leading the class, said that it would be interesting to set that whole idea as an essay next year, particularly with reference to the debate over the consecration of women as bishops.

What would Paul write in his letter to the Anglicans?

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