Thursday, March 24, 2005

Infamy! Infamy!

By the amazing power of bravenet I have recently joined the ranks of those who know how some people get to my blog. I have had much amusement with the curious inquiries via google and yahoo including "dessert island", "sarah bishop", "what do Christians think about the Da vinci code". (I've not yet got to the point of creating blog entries around them like Peter but maybe someday!)

However this morning I had the first visitor I've noticed via a little "critique" site.

I would tell you who this person is but incomprehensibly the writer remains anonymous! However I'm guessing it's a guy.

Personally I found his review rather funny and am secure enough to read the critique (or should that be criticism!?) from someone I don't know who's bi-line is: "It wouldn't hurt if it wasn't true..."

Here's what the guy said:

' "Ok I am absolutely stuffed of delectible Thai food. Heaven!"
How can I describe the delight I felt when I first found this Blog, and that first line in particular? I will take it easy on this female because I am certain that she has some kind of mental defect. That line is straight out of The Simpsons, that little fat kid who says,"I'm full of chocolate!" She even looks like the fat kid! I'm telling you, there's something about this Blog that is just creepily easy, it's like beating up a morbidly obese person. You get a C for amusing me. C '

So if it DOESN'T hurt... does that mean it ISN'T?

From the comments he receives I can see that a LOT of people find him offensive but I really do find it rather amusing. It's the first C I've got in AGES!!! (doesn't that make more like LISA from the Simpsons???)

Anyway my principal reflection was on the nature of blogging and bloggers. This guy clearly gets some kind of satisfaction out of what he writes otherwise surely he wouldn't bother. Though clearly he's pretty much a glass half full person. I prefer a more optimistic outlook myself and tend to write stuff I hope will make people smile or think. I tend to think the best of people rather than the worst and so my second reaction to this review was to wonder quite what had made this poor guy SO miserable that he wants to wallow in venomous spite. Perhaps that is my mental defect; I think the best of people, even Judge Mental, bless him.


Adrienne said...

He gave you a C, eh? Well, in these cases, I always think of Luke 2:26: "Woe to you when all speak well of you, for that is what their ancestors did to the false prophets." So, think of it as having your first independent confirmation of not being a false prophet. :-)

Anonymous said...

I admit I came to your blog via the page you mentioned. I don't see justification for such cruel words- people don't get it- that all blogs are different, as are people and we don't all have to like everything we see.
If it's offensive, steer clear; if you don't find it interesting, find another blog but it's such a waste of time to build a page of your own that puts effort into trying to hurt someone else.
Well done to you for showing that you didn't care at all and if anything, it might bring a few more people by to your blog :)