Sunday, November 28, 2004

Who needs theology?

One of my young people this morning asked me what I do during the weekwhen I'm not working directly with them. When I told him that I go to a theology class on Tuesdays, he asked why and I explained it was so I could learn about God as theology is literally that the study of God. He responded, "oooh! I thought it was like therapy or something!"

It made me laugh, in that way that you sometimes just can't stop yourself even though you know it upsets someone when they've made a booboo. Of course then I thought that actually he wasn't that far off. I mean sometimes studying God is a kind of therapy for the soul. Certainly in our summer school our group work did sometimes have the air of group therapy about it! Yet it's not only that. Surely theology is in some ways therapy. What is it we are seeking by studying theology?A greater understanding of the nature of God, of course, but also a greater understanding of ourselves in relation to the universe and also a greater understanding of our purpose. This sounds a bit like therapy though I have no first hand experience of it. Any thoughts?

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