Thursday, November 11, 2004

New Blogs on the Bloc

Well I'm afraid a lot of my creativity is being directed towards the book (which is coming together quite nicely so far!) but it has occured to me that I haven't EVER mentioned the places that I get my caffeinated inspiration. At least twice a week I indulge in the excellent provisions of our church's own Coffee Shop. The best kept secret in High Wycombe. It sells fair trade goods and serves delicious homemade cakes. However there is also a place for going out into our comunity - especially as we're a town centre parish. So Hazel the Verger and I (and indeed the vicar and various others!) regularly enjoy the fantastic provision of our local coffee and cookie house Bloc 3 (Blocs 1 & 2 are in Henley and Berkhamstead). The cookies are baked freshly every day and the sandwiches are made by hand on the premises by David and his fabulous team. So if you're in High Wycombe, or indeed Henley or Berkhamstead and feeling a little in need of a cookie fix, do check it out. Of course if you need some fairly traded goods you'll need to go to the church coffee shop in Castle Stree instead andmight I recommend the fridge cake!

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Molyneux said...

Hi there - are you a bookcrosser by any chance? We need one in High Wycombe!

You see....I've just set up an Official BookCrossing Zone at Bloc2 in Henley-on-Thames & if it goes well we could set one up in the High Wycombe branch!


you can also email me on


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