Monday, November 01, 2004

One day I'll fly away

In the UK we seem to be blessed with exciting airports that have things to do, places to sit and shops to look around. Unfortunately, this means that returning home from practically ANYWHERE involves a substantial amount of disappointment. I remember as a child the amazement that the airport at Mahon in Menorca was practically a runway with a loosely converted hanger a long corridor and a greenhouse for a restaurant. (I'm sure it was a little more complex than that but... I was young!)

Toronto, a heaving metropolis which lays claim to the world's tallest free standing structure - I know, I was up it! - and yet Pearson International airport is, I am sorry to say, a little rubbish in terms of facilities. You get pretty much stright to the gate with a brief waft past a Starbucks and some shops selling lots of Canadian red maple leaf badges, maple syrup in odd shaped bottles and, of course, moose.

I sent Kerry and Joanne away because it seems I am terrible at goodbyes, as Joanne observed!. I wasn't really aware of that but on reflcetion I think Joanne's right. I swung between clingy and embarrassed, British and aloof. Oh dear, I'm living out the steroetype!

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