Monday, November 01, 2004

Skywalker am I

Skywalking this is Posted by Hello

Today I took a walk along the Skywalk to the CN tower and as I got closer the sky got bluer. By one o'clock we actually had hot sun beaming down on Toronto - all of it - trust me I could see the whole lot. I went all the way to the sky pod which is the furthest up you can go. So after all the cloudy days and waiting I saw a splendidly sunny Toronto on my last day here. It really was like walking on sky, especially on the glass floor. I felt I should get some cheesy gifts from the shop but my only mementoes of the CN tower were a stack of digital photos and a slight nausea!

CN Tower Posted by Hello

I'm really going to miss this place. I think it really has been something so totally OTHER. There are things I won't miss:

Not being understood easily
Working out how much the tax will be on top of the price quoted
Being tempted with far too much wonderful food ALL the time

So my final reflections on the trip as a whole...?


Canada is a VAST, beautiful country.

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