Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'm a STALLION baby!

Ok so we watched Shrek 2 at our youth film night this evening. When we first started these we would have about 10 people. This was pretty cool. Occassionally we'd have a night when only 3 young people showed up. Over the last year we've bee getting a few more. Well this evening we had THIRTY young people. THIRTY! We ran out of chairs! I had to sit on the table. I nearly did my back in carrying the takeout pizza up the stairs. On a practical note... it was lucky that I'd asked a third leader to join our usual quota of two.

Now I'm not playing the numbers game... the BIGGEST error in youthwork.

I remember some of the film nights when we had only three people and recollecting those evenings with those three have been an important part of building and consolidating relationships. Tonight didn't offer that. It DID however give me the chance to advertise our forthcoming events to a wider audience and to get some feedback from them about a new idea we had.

Tomorrow we'll be discussing the film in our small group after church. I'm not thinking we'll get thirty for that. I know we'll get some of those I see every week and maybe I might see some of the others too. I don't know.

We're going to be talking about real love and how Shrek and Fiona love each other for who they really are not what they look like. We're going to talk about materialism and STUFF and we'll also have a look at doubt. Well probably. No we will, we definitely will!

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