Monday, November 01, 2004

Up, up in the air

Ok so now we're on the plane and it's time for that, oh so calming and yet Hispanically vibrant music again. This time accompanied by pictures, not of picturesque Canada but of luxurious London oh and Rome... and Amsterdam, ... and some mediterranean resort and... of course... the Colosseum! The first make me long for hme and then up come the pictures that make me want to put on my wings again! The Eiffel tower - half the height of the CN tower. These Europeans don't know how to build!

The good news is that, this time, we took off only four minutes late - not sixty four minutes. YAY! It's a bit dark and turbulent out there though. There's a guy just nearby ALSO writing - wonder if his is a blog or the next great Canadian (I think?) novel? Oh yes, my new novel... hmmm. I'll just have a quick read back of it so far shall I? - won't take long. Well, with a little tweaking those ninety words should be fine! (Only another 59,100 and we're getting somewhere! Oh and a plot and at least one other character surely. As large as a character Theois and he's already taken on a life of his own I think he will need some interaction. Perhaps not a romantic attachment - not sure that would do, that kind of thing.) Oh well as Theo seems to be taking over the blog, I'd better leave this andallow him toescape onto the more appropriate page!. Just to let you know that writer IS Canadian - he took an immigration card... and left-handed... interesting or perhaps I should say sinister?

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