Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The boundaries of the blogosphere don't push themselves back, you know!

I discovered another reader of the blog this evening. Always pleasing. It reminded me that my subject matter is ever so variable. If I had a marketing manager I'm sure she'd tell me to focus in on a single audience rather than diversify into theology as well as the other more humourous and off the wall entries. Yet the diversity of blogging is what makes it such a unique medium. I love it. I can write random thoughts on so many different topics and it is still acceptable. When I'm writing a sermon, a parish magazine letter or part of the novel (still going well by the way!) I am restricted as to what I can write. However in the blogosphere I can write about any topic. It doesn't have to go with the readings for the day or fit the thought world of my characters.

I know the curious mix of topics might be a little off-putting to some but one of the greatest compliments ever paid to me was a reference to my curious mix of inconsistencies. Apparently that is what makes me such a fascinating person. I liked that. Fascinating. Good word. I suppose there might be some people who would hate to be described as fascinating; those who do not like to be fascinated themselves, perhaps but to me it was deeply flattering. I like fascinating people myself. Yes I like the people that you can get to know very easily but give me a hidden depths person any time - someone with an intriguing sideline or an off-the-wall past time. Marvellous!

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