Thursday, November 25, 2004

In the Mood

Tonight I came home feeling the teensiest bit mopey and stared blankly at my video and DVD collection trying to figure out what to watch.

It made me think....

I have films that I particularly like to watch when I'm feeling perky, giggly or romantic. Yet I am always stuck about what to watch when I'm feeling down. Do I go for something weepy to weep AT as an alternative to just getting weepy? Anne of Green Gables always a good one for that I find! Do I pick a romantic comedy to make me feel worse (How To Lose A Guy in 10 days seems appropriate at the moment!). Bridget Jones ALWAYS a reliable choice (thoughcurrently my sofa is looking un-Jones-like). I tried Serendipity the other day - BAD idea! Or how about Pride and Prejudice to make me hope that my Mr Darcy is out there somewhere [and if not then at least Mr Darcy is ON there to ponder! ;oD ] Toy Story as a bit of a sugar-soaked "you got a friend in me" pill. Some random action film (the Rock, Die Hard, Bond) just to get my mind off it all? Working Girl to remind me that life can change and get better? Pleasantville to bring out the colour in life? Matrix to make me think about existence? Star Wars to make me think... about something I'm sure... something other than Harrison Ford that is... definitely (for THAT I'd be watching Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade!)

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