Monday, November 01, 2004

CN is believing

Well today I am going to go up the CN tower no matter what! Each time I've planned to go so far the day has ended up foggy, rainy or cloudy. Ironically it was 20 C on Friday but we had already made plans to see Casa Loma which is a neo-gothic house built by one of Canada's leading industrialists at the end of the nineteenth century. A fascinationg building that looked weirdly out of place and yet perfectly natural. The shame is that the man who built it overstretched his finances and was forced to sell up in the 1920s. There was a massive auction of the contents of the house as well as his amazing art collection including works by van Dyck and Joshua Reynolds which unfortunately has left the house rather an empty shell but fascinating nonetheless.

There was a group of children visiting from the local primary school and a man telling them all about knights in armour. I had to grit my teeth and not correct him in places and then drag Kerry away before she intervened with a discourse on armour-piercing arrows (she's a military historian, you know!)

Yesterday morning Kerry also took me down to the boardwalk around Lake Ontario which is SO massive that it feels like the sea. It feels like you're miles away from the city but there it is in the background. This really is an amazing place and I'm certainly going to miss it when I leave... today :o(
On the bright side I have all my friends to come home to.... MSN again (hurrah!)... lots of stories to tell... oh and the fabulous news that Shrek 2 is being delivered to my house as I type - yay!

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