Sunday, November 28, 2004

I don't like Mondays

OK so here is the weirdness of the coming week. I am WORKING on Monday which is normally my day off. The silver lining to the cloud is that I am therefore OFF on a Saturday. Yes a SATURDAY - you know that day when the normal people in your life ALSO have a day off so you can actually see people you know! I am looking forward to this enormously BUT the realisation dawns that I will be working rather more days in a row without a day off than I'm used to! Also my accustomed Monday lie-in is not on the cards (unless I get off to a really bad start!)

The next oddity of the week is that I will be going to my theology evening class for the last time. This will be an occasion filled with mixed feelings. As a person with lots of evening metings, losing a regular evening commitment will be a blessing. However I will also be losing time with some amazingly wonderful people. I'm not sure how many of them will be reading (I know some of them have checked out the blog at least once) so I can't really go into details about how great they are... oh of course I can.

Firstly to my mate Mark - sorry I won't be there to make inclusive pro-Methodist comments. Seriously though sweetie - I'm GONNA MISS U!

Next to my excellent tutors Mike, Alan, Marilyn and Gerald. Thank you so much for opening my mind and heart to the richness of the church, its heritage and philosophy.

To William - In a sense, it could be argued that... I have no idea what to say! Simply remember that in fact you ARE an essentially good person even if you do have, as you put it, hidden shallows.

To Paul - I hear that there was evidence at the weekend that you really can blow your own trumpet but from me, hear this: Stay as warm and real as you are. I've found your quiet pastoral support extremely enriching. Thank you.

To Roger - Thank you for all your wisdom, support and prayer. I know you've prayed for me to stay but as Mike as said in a past sermon: "Why do you ask for that... there is something so much better?"

To Ian - Slough isn't that bad really is it? OK who am I convincing? Keep laughing about it though.

To Chris - I'm so pleased the gender balance has improved now, it means I feel less guilty about leaving.

To the St Albans crowd - You guys have been just amazing and welcoming. THANK YOU.

To my prayer group. Words can't express how much I have valued the care, the meditation the sheer tangible LOVE that have filled our times together.

Ok I'm going to have to stop before I get all emotional at the ending off it all!

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